Thanks to these brands to accept posting pictures and informations about their products


Fluid Kiteboarding :
Thanks to fluid kiteboarding TM for the pictures

Fluid Kiteboarding is an Australian brand who decided to use ikdesign for their new kites.
The designer said about it : " The soft is very accessible and its ergonomics allows to transfer without problem.
The prototypes realized with IKD exactly matches the PC development.
The realised prototype doesn't need any adjustments excluding the break length ".

Here are pictures of their new prototype :

More information on their website :



Koncept-Kites :
Thanks to Koncept-Kites TM for the pictures

Koncept-Kites is an american company created in 2006 by Alex Breaux.
The design of the kite is made by sms-kite. This company proposes high performance bridled kites.
Thanks to an important canopy curve, kites have got a large wind range and the feeling of a classic kite.

Koncept Dynamics 06 :

To prepare the year 2007, Koncept-Kites wishes to invest in a tools of design to facilitate the development of theirs foils.
Thus, they decided to build a 15 mē kite to check the functions of IkDesign. Here are the pictures.

Flying pictures :


Detailed pictures :

The precision of the software allows to have an exemplary quality on the sail. This quality is translated into flight, by the increase of rigidity and performance. The team of Koncept-Kites is completely satisfied with this first prototype constructed with IkDesign.

Other pictures and video (in French) thanks to Ricou.